Border Series

This series was initiated by the 2019 push to build a Border Wall between the US and Mexico. At that time, all Individual, Native, and Environmental laws and protections
were dismissed in a declaration of National Threat. The wall went forcefully up, 30 feet of steel rails, as well as below ground. A rapid and permanent environmentally damaging event. Many individual and groups protested in support of protecting the habitats that would be divided by the wall. More miles of wall went up.

I began this series with the Jaguar piece and then I kept hearing of other mammals,
reptiles and birds that would also lose access to critical land and water sources that
they had traditional relied upon. There are many more species I could add to this series. What will happen to our Arizona rich biodiversity?

At this time, I am hopeful the Wall will not continue to be build. I am also saddened but the destruction I have personally seen. I continue to visit the environment along the US side of the border wall. In an odd way I am called, as one individual, to bear
witness to this devastating and long-term change in Arizona’s lands.