My Ancestry Series

Over the years I look to family for patterns of what has come before and where things are heading.

The two series of paintings here are about the family continuum.

Every Thought/ Every Word / Every Action shows my three nieces in poses they chose for themselves… I just set up the camera and asked that they include their face and hands. I later decided to crop each photo to the point where you see them now. I silkscreened three goddess figures along the bottom of each canvas. They represent three periods of history which include a present image from a Flor Garduno’s photo. I envisioned my nieces as goddesses with the unique attributes they carry.

What Has Value/ Nature Connection/ Spiritual Connection/ Cross Cultural Connection is a series of silkscreen and oils on panels. I started with photos I took of my mother, sister and niece. Each was asked to hold an object of personal significance.  Before painting, I silkscreened images of sacred geometry onto the panels to represent the continuum and balance of life.